Capital Improvement Committee Budget Hearing Information

The Joint Committee on Capital Improvements will convene Fiscal Year 2023 capital budget hearings beginning March 28, 2022, through March 31, 2022. Hearings will be held in the Joint Finance Committee Hearing Room, Ground Floor, Legislative Hall.

Governor’s Recommended Capital Budget - HB 325

Limited seating will be available for members of the public, with additional space available in the cafeteria.  Public comment can be made during the hearings in person, or by registering via the daily Zoom webinar links, which will be accessible through the legislative and public meeting calendars.

View the Public Hearing Schedule 

Public Comment

Members of the public may join the Zoom webinar and provide public comments during these hearings at a designated time following each state agency’s presentation.  Individuals will be limited to two minutes and organizations will be limited to three minutes. 

Mandatory Registration: All public commenters must register through the applicable daily Zoom webinar link. These links can be accessed through the Committee meeting notices and public meeting calendar.

Upon clicking the registration link, registrants will be required to enter their first name, last name, and email address. An optional question allows the registrant to list their organizational affiliation if any. Once the registration is complete, the registrant will receive an email (to the address they registered with) that includes the joining link, meeting ID, and password.

Written comments can be submitted at any time to the following email address:


All hearings will be live-streamed via a link on the General Assembly’s web page:

Hearing Documents

Agency presentations and other relevant documents will be posted to this page during the Public Hearing process.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Delaware State Housing Authority FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF2.80 MB28 Mar, 2022 Download
DelDOT FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF7.34 MB28 Mar, 2022 Download
Finance FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF2.29 MB28 Mar, 2022 Download
Office of Management and Budget FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF4.68 MB28 Mar, 2022 Download
Statewide Capital Financial Overview FY2023PDF802.44 KB28 Mar, 2022 Download
Delaware Association of Chiefs of Police FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF149.66 KB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Health and Social Services FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF1.48 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Delaware National Guard FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF2.00 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Safety and Homeland Security FY 2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF1.98 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Judicial FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF3.01 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Correction FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF1.24 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Agriculture FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF1.00 MB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Justice FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF495.54 KB29 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of Technology and Information FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF993.21 KB30 Mar, 2022 Download
DNREC FY23 Bond Bill PresentationPDF3.70 MB30 Mar, 2022 Download
Department of State FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF1.64 MB30 Mar, 2022 Download
Riverfront Development Corporation FY2023 Bond Bill HearingPDF6.64 MB30 Mar, 2022 Download
DOE FY23 Bond Bill HearingPPTX3.33 MB31 Mar, 2022 Download
UD FY23 Bond Presentation March 31 2022PPTX1.83 MB31 Mar, 2022 Download
DTCC FY23 BondBill 3-31-22PDF7.95 MB31 Mar, 2022 Download
DSU FY23 Bond Bill PresentationPPTX895.45 MB31 Mar, 2022 Download
DSCYF FY23 Bond Hearing PresentationPPTX1.72 MB31 Mar, 2022 Download