Legislative Hall Media Credential Policy


Press credentials are provided to journalists whose primary responsibility is coverage of Delaware state government and the Delaware General Assembly.

Electronic, print, and online reporters, videographers, and photographers are required to provide a letter on company letterhead (an emailed attachment is acceptable) confirming their employment and request for credentials to cover the Delaware General Assembly. The letter should include each journalist’s name, title, phone number and email address.

Any news organization that receives press credentials may also request a standing credential for a photographer or videographer to be used on a rotating basis. The organization should still provide a list of staff members who would potentially utilize this credential.

Applicants must be:
• Paid correspondents employed by an accredited news organization that is:
        o A general circulation newspaper or wire service that has published (online or in print) for at least 52 weeks consecutively; or

        o A public or commercial radio or television station with regularly scheduled news programming; or

        o An independent news organization whose principal business is the daily dissemination of original news of interest to a broad segment of the public, and which has broadcast or published (online or in print) continuously for 52 weeks.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the press officer (or another staff designee) from each of the four caucuses and a senior member of the Legislative Hall press corps who covers the Delaware General Assembly full-time. The committee will determine whether an applicant meets the criteria listed above.

Priority for access to the Legislative Hall press room shall be given to journalists who have standing credentials.

Daily Credentials

Daily credentials (or day passes) are available to journalists who are not regularly assigned to
cover the Delaware General Assembly. Reporters requesting a “day pass” must meet the same basic criteria as defined in the previous section. Freelance journalists shall be eligible to receive a daily credential.

To apply, journalists must fill out the attached form, which shall be reviewed by at least one press officer.

A daily credential will grant a journalist the same access as a full credential. However, a
journalist who repeatedly requests a “day pass” will be asked to apply for a full credential.

Journalists with daily credentials may access the Legislative Hall press room as space is available. But priority shall be given to journalists with full credentials.

Non-Credentialed Media

Non-credentialed media, which include anyone employed by a group that lobbies the legislature
or citizen journalists, may cover proceedings from the gallery.

They have the same access to members as the general public before and after each session day.

Communication Team Contacts

House Majority Caucus

Jenevieve Worley: 302-744-4196
Shannon Keith: 302-577-5106

House Minority Caucus
Joe Fulgham: 302-744-4184
Stephanie Becker: 302-577-8515

Senate Majority Caucus
Scott Goss: 302-744-4180 

Senate Minority Caucus
Matthew Revel: 302-744-4085