Division of Research

About the Division

The Division serves as a nonpartisan and confidential reference bureau for the General Assembly, providing a wide range of services, including legislative and legal research, bill drafting, and committee staffing, as well as the development, production, and distribution of public information concerning the General Assembly. The Division is also responsible for the overall supervision of the facility, scheduling building events, and use of the conference rooms on the first floor of the Tatnall Building.

The Division is the home to Legal and Research Analysis, Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee support, Legislative Information Office (Bill Room), Legislative Library, Office of the Registrar of Regulations, and Legislative Print Shop.

The Division is located on the ground floor of Legislative Hall, with the main entrance located by the door to the south (Senate side) stairwell. The Division may be reached by phone at 1-800-282-8545 (toll free, in-state only) or at (302) 744-4114; by fax at (302) 739-3895; or by e-mail at LC_Reception@delaware.gov.

Division Staff

The Division’s dedicated, nonpartisan staff is here to help you with all of your legislative needs. Click here to view a list of staff and their title and e-mail address.

Nonpartisanship and Confidentiality Policy

The Division treats all requests for its services in a nonpartisan and confidential manner. Division staff understand that, unless specifically noted otherwise, the identity of, request of, and response to a legislator, and all files and communications with legislators, are strictly confidential and may not be discussed with any person outside the Division. Legislators can take advantage of the Division's confidentiality and impartiality to freely explore new ideas.

2022 Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual

The Division prepares the Delaware Legislative Drafting Manual.  The Manual is the primary resource for those who prepare or review legislation or are otherwise interested in the creation of an accurate, clear, and uniform legislative product. This is the 2022 updated version of the Manual.

Registrar of Regulations

The Division’s Office of the Registrar of Regulations publishes the monthly Register of Regulations, an official state publication containing emergency, proposed, amended, and final regulations. The Registrar is also responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining electronic versions of the Delaware Constitution, Delaware Code, the Laws of Delaware, the Administrative Code, and Delaware’s Town Charters. The Registrar ensures its electronic documents comply with the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, which Delaware adopted in 2014. Online publications can be found on the left navigation bar under the section "Publications."

The Registrar also publishes print versions of the Delaware Constitution, Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code, and Divorce Code, available through the Division’s Legislative Information Office (Bill Room).

Legislative Information Office (Bill Room)

The Division operates a Legislative Information Office, or Bill Room, which answers inquiries about the status of legislation and provides individual copies of bills, resolutions, and other legislative documents to all interested parties.

The Division offers a number of subscription services through the Legislative Information Office, at low cost, to individuals and organizations in need of timely information about the Delaware General Assembly. These services are mailed or faxed daily to our subscribers on days when the legislature is in session. For more information on this service, please contact the Legislative Information Office by phone, at 1-800-282-8545 (toll free, in-state only) or at (302) 744-4114, by fax at (302) 739-3895, by e-mail at legislative.council@delaware.gov, or by visiting the Legislative Information Office window on the ground floor of Legislative Hall by the door to the south (Senate side) stairwell.

Legislative Library

The Division is home to the Legislative Library. The library provides reference materials to legislators, staff, and the public. The library collection includes information for legal and legislative research, along with general reference material.

Print Shop

The Legislative Print Shop produces publications for the General Assembly, Division of Research, and Controller General's Office. The Print Shop prints all legislation, fiscal notes, and reports commissioned by the legislature.