Joint Finance Committee (JFC)

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is responsible for writing the annual appropriations (operating budget) and grant-in-aid acts. The JFC is made up of 12 members of the General Assembly; comprised of six members of the Senate Finance Committee and six members of the House Appropriations Committee.

The JFC convenes in late January and February to conduct public hearings on state agency budget requests as presented in the Governor’s Recommended Budget and drafts the final bills in May and June for introduction to the General Assembly. The public is invited to comment during the public hearings at a designated time following each agency’s presentation. An individual, speaking on behalf of an organization, is allotted three minutes to speak and an individual wishing to comment, unrelated to an organization, is allotted two minutes to provide comment. Members of the public are also encouraged to provide comments, in writing, for distribution to the JFC.

Assistance to the JFC is provided by the Office of the Controller General.

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